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New Year, New Domain.

New Year, New Domain.

Happy New Year!

It’s taken me five months, but I’ve finally activated my new domain name.

The old site should now redirect to the new site.

Any other sites like the previous home of the Pinball Arcade Android Users Guide ( should also switch over automatically.

Static Site Experimentation

I had been experimenting with a few different static site generators during this time. I’ve tried Middleman and Awestruct (although not in a very concerted way), and I drifted back to the Jekyll Asciidoctor Quickstart as well, trying out the Lanyon theme.

My goal to set up a web page that let me both show my Resume in a single location, and to continue to offer a blog service.

Which Static Site Generator Won?

The solution I’ve chosen? HubPress!

Even though HubPress is one year old this February 2016 (give or take a few months), I still love what this static site generator has done for both the adoption of AsciiDoc and the GitHub Pages static site movement.

There are some pretty wonderful static sites out there using HubPress as their backbone.

I think with a few tweaks to page layouts in Ghost themes, I should be able to add the Documentation and Resume areas I need into HubPress and continue to use HubPress to manage page content authoring.

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