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Poetic Revolution Case for the NVidia Shield Tablet (All Variants)

Poetic Revolution Case for the NVidia Shield Tablet (All Variants)

I’ve been waiting for Poetic to release a good protection solution for the NVidia Shield Tablet, and they have done a pretty good job with the Poetic Revolution case. There are some small issues with the case, but overall it is definitely the most rugged case offering I’ve seen on the market at the time of writing.

Install Complete
Figure 1. Case in Portrait Mode
Install Complete Landscape
Figure 2. Case in Landscape Mode

The case is sturdy in design, and definitely offers advanced protection for drops and mishaps. I really wish Poetic decided to adopt the style of the Slimline case range for the Nexus 7 2013. I’ll go into comparison detail in the Cons section.


  • It has an inner core of plastic that the device is pushed into. The outer layer is dense, semi-rigid plastic.

  • Built-in kick stand in landscape orientation.

  • The hard plastic insert has padding that elevates the tablet away from the case for airflow.

  • Even with bulky cable plugs, there seems to be plenty of room for HDMI cable connections, which was an issue with some other case designs.

  • The screen edges have a nice bevel on them that lets you access the Android Nav buttons easily.


  • The dust cover flap for the sockets does not return to the stowed position easily after an extended period of being forced open.

    • Slimline range had much softer rubber which made for much more flexible port covers.

    • I’m contemplating whether to just cut the flap off as it make it harder to access the ports anyhow. Once you cut, you can’t go back though…

  • The kick stand only works in Landscape orientation. In contrast, the Slimline range had the most versatile built-in stand that worked in multiple positions and orientations.

  • The buttons are difficult to press, and hard to blind-feel in the dark:

    • Slimline had protruding buttons, which are really great for feeling your way without looking.


Here are some shots of the case, taken while I was installing it.

Case Front
Figure 3. Front of the case immediately after unboxing.
Case Back
Figure 4. The back of the case, showing the kick stand.
Shell Internal
Figure 5. The right portrait side of the case, showing the button zone.
Inner and Outer
Figure 6. The internal plastic shell and the outer soft plastic.
Connecter Cutout Insert
Figure 7. The cutouts for the USB, HDMI, and Headphone plugs, and the left bass port.
Left Side Insert
Figure 8. The plastic insert showing the portholes for the connectors.

What do you think about cases? Worth it? Or just bulky additions to your device?

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